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Welcome to, the world's only real-time online Ethernet Wave tool! Use our free online service to perform unbiased Ethernet Wave research to find the best service at the best possible price. Once you select a Ethernet Wave plan that interests you, a member of our sales team will contact you to discuss the details of your Ethernet Wave request, qualify, confirm pricing, and assist you with the signup process. You can also call our toll free help line at (888) 765-8301 for live assistance. Thank you for visiting!

Metro Ethernet Service -- 5 Surprises You'll Love

If you've started researching different telecommunications options, you know that Metro Ethernet service is fast -- as in 10 gbps fast.

But what don't you know about this technology?

These 5 Metro Ethernet service facts may come as a surprise, but you'll love them all!

It's cheaper than traditional MPLS

Lots of businesses ultimately choose between MPLS and Metro Ethernet service for their telecommunications needs.  Both have great perks -- like their ability to connect multiple locations to the same network and their quality of service.

However, there's one big difference between the two -- the price!  Metro Ethernet service is considerably cheaper than MPLS because it uses Ethernet connections, instead of T-carriers (like T1 and T3 lines). 

It's easy to scale up

If you want to be able to watch your business grow -- without worrying about how your technology is going to keep up with it -- then you'll love Metro Ethernet service.  With it, you get to choose exactly how much bandwidth you want.  And, if you ever want to add more, it's easy to do.  That way, your technology can grow with you!

It's easy to prioritize

Some traffic -- like real-time video streams, for example -- need to move as quickly as possible along your network if you want to make the most out of them.  Other traffic isn't so important, so it doesn't need the same "express service".  Luckily, Metro Ethernet service understands that -- and makes it easy to prioritize your applications.  That way, YOU get to decide what kind of data gets priority service along your network.

It gives you options

When you sign up for Metro Ethernet service, you'll get to choose between Layer 2 and Layer 3.  The service works great with both options, so it's ultimately a decision based on your personal preference.

What's the difference between the two?

Layer 2 is traditionally used by businesses that run a lot of non-IP traffic.  It also gives you the ability to manage your own routing.

Layer 3 comes with a few more options -- like wireless capabilities -- and it's perfect for networks that handle mostly IP traffic. 

It doesn't come with a bunch of expensive equipment

In fact, you may already have all of the equipment you need to run it!  Depending on your current router interface, it may be enough to run your Metro Ethernet service.  That's a big contrast from other telecommunications options -- that come with a ton of expensive hardware that also takes up a ton of your already-limited office space.

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